How VPN works and what it does for you

How does a VPN work

VPN means Virtual Private Network, a tool can provide you with a safe home network and office network. With a VPN connection, no matter you want to browse all websites or chat online, your devices can get a secure connection.

Maybe you heard of VPN before. However, VPN is familiar as the remote office or unblock tool for some websites. When people need to access sensitive content, they use a VPN.

Now, every regular user is using VPN. Why?

How VPNs work? What does it do for you?

how VPN worksWhen you are using a VPN, it helps you connect to the internet safer. When you need to access to the internet, instead of connecting to a website directly, your data will first pass through the encrypted tunnel established by the VPN server. All your traffic needs to go through an encrypted tunnel to the VPN server to connect to the website you want to visit.

As a third party, the VPN server replaces you to connect to the website. It can solve our security and privacy issues in several ways:

  1. The connected website treats the VPN server as a source, not you.
  2. No one can easily realize that your computer is the source of the data, and others can’t identify what websites you are visiting, what data is being transferred, and so on.
  3. The data you transmit is encrypted. Even if someone views the content you sent, he or she will only view the encrypted information, but can’t get the original data.

So, VPN allows you to be anonymous online and nobody can your Internet traffic.

Also, VPN let us access all blocked sites. You can log in to a VPN server located in the place where the website or content is available by using a VPN service.

VPN is necessary, especially for those countries where the government will strictly review or restrict information and content online from the outside world. It can help people who live in these countries get important external information and communicate with the world.

In summary

VPN can provide us the security and privacy online, and also allows you to freely access the Internet. Whether you choose to shop online, use a public WiFi hotspot, access social networking sites, or encrypt information, a VPN service is very useful. At UFO VPN, it’s easy to get all the benefits.

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